We are the Blacks and welcome to our site. We are a homeschooling work
at home Christian family. Lambworld is a place that was started when
during his daily prayers Dennis  envisioned a lamb carrying a
cross. He told his wife Shannon that he felt a need to pursue a
venture that was solidly about Christ and virtues. This was a
departure from Dennis’ life long work in real estate as an appraiser
and teacher but after 35 years it was time for something less focused
on money and more focused on people and spreading the Word of God.

Considering neither Shannon nor Dennis are artists they approached a
talented young artist at their church named Catherine Clough. After
flushing out the idea the two lamb images were complete and the
adventure begins.

A portion of our profits go straight to charitable causes with
pro-life issues being the main focus. So when your church or Christian
school needs to raise funds get some stickers and spread the word and
put a few dollars in your coffer.

Let our mission help your mission.